As we are affiliated to Swim England, we are expected to conduct our activities within the rules of the Association. These rules include the Swim England Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and an Equity Policy. The club follows the following “Code of Behaviour” which we ask our members to follow.
We would ask you therefore to read each category carefully so you know what is expected of you as a member of our club.  The Code is available to all members.

Parents Code of Conduct – 23

Members Code of Conduct – 2023

Coaches / Teachers – 2023


Mobile Phone Policy

Collection of Swimmers after Training

Teachers/coaches will not supervise changing or collection after sessions – parents are fully responsible for ensuring they arrive before the end of the training session.

Brio have made it clear that they are not responsible for swimmers who have been left at the pool after a session, nor are Northwich Centurions responsible for these swimmers.
We are responsible for their time in the pool, not before or after it.