Club Officals

All club officials are elected at the AGM. We encourage all members, parents and swimmers to attend the AGM to support nominations and elections of club officials. Dates of such meeting are published and can be seen on the club notice board. All club officials are unpaid volunteers. Any member can be proposed and seconded at the AGM as we encourage nominees for the club officials from a broad section of the club. Life members are nominated following exceptional service to the club.

President Mr John Garner
Life Members Mr John Garner, Mrs Betty Hankey
Mrs Nora Rogers, Mrs Debbie Oldham
Mr Frank Yarwood, Mr Dave Flaherty
Mrs Dianne Clegg, Mrs Julie Hamman
Mr Matthew Butler, Mr Stephen Carter
Mrs Jean Bancroft, Mrs Enid Barlow
Mrs Pat Burgess, Mr Mike Barnes
Mrs Ruth Sissons, Mr Geoff Lewis
Independent Examiner Mr Steve Warrener
Custodians Mr Frank Yarwood, Mr John Garner
Mr Geoff Lewis

The following positions also form the NASC Committee

Chairman Mr Steve Bradshaw
Vice Chairman Mrs Nicola Ma
Secretary Mrs Nicola Ma
Treasurer Mrs Josie Lawton
Head Coach Mr Philip Balcombe
RLSS Coach Mr David Williams
Welfare Officer Mrs Ali Beckman
Gala Secretary Mrs Jo Bradshaw
Membership Secretary Mrs Josie Lawton

NASC Committee members with specific responsibilities

Name Responsibility
Mrs Ruth Sissons Head Teacher
Mrs Wendy Broadhurst Swim 21
Mrs Wendy Metcalfe Life Saving
Mrs Nicola Ma Communications
Mrs Josie Lawton Swim Shop
Mrs Ali Beckman Workforce Co-ordinator
Geoff Lewis Teacher


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Committee & Coaching Team

Steve Bradshaw
Steve Bradshaw


Nicola Ma
Nicola Ma

Vice Chairman

Josie Lawton
Josie Lawton